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Are you making the most of your Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM solution?

Analysts have estimated that over 40 percent of software is underused, which is most often due to inadequate training. Untrained users consume 6x more support services and introduce 2x more operational errors (and risk) than trained users. We can help.

Join us for one or more of our upcoming courses in Canberra, delivered by our certified expert instructor. This is a great opportunity to build additional skills that will help to increase your software ROI. The classroom experience enables you to talk directly with our expert and collaborate with your industry peers.

No matter whether you are an Administrator, Analyst, experienced Logger user, or new to ArcSight, we have a class to meet your needs!

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ESM310 - ArcSight ESM 7.x Advanced Administrator

This course provides you with techniques to proactively analyze and...

ESM200 - ArcSight ESM Administrator & Analyst

In this introductory course learners use the ArcSight console and ArcSight Command Center user interfaces.

ESM180 - Building Security Use Cases with ArcSight ESM

In this course, you learn the methodologies to develop use cases...

FTSCA250 - Fortify SCA (Static Code Analyzer) and SSC

This course you will learn to scan, assess and secure applications using the Fortify SCA.

LOG210 - ArcSight Logger Administration and Operations

This course will cover the core features of the ArcSight Logger solution as well as more advanced features.

CM200 - Content Manager 9.x Administration Essentials

This course covers the setup and configuration of Content Manager for Enterprise use.

CM110 - Content Manager 9.x Advanced User

This course addresses all the core functionality and features of Micro Focus Content Manager.

CM300 - Content Manager 9.x Installation Essentials

This two-day, administrator-level course covers the installation of Content Manager.

Get FREE Entitlements

Free CM 110 self-paced online course worth AUD 992.00 is with the course codes: CM300 or CM200

Free certification exams worth AUD 248 for the course code: CM200 or CM110

Free certification exams worth AUD 248 for course code: ESM200

Free certification exams worth AUD 1100 for course code: LOG210, ESM310, Fortify CSE

About Spectar Learning

Spectar Group is a boutique automation organisation, passionate about innovation and digital transformation powered by automation.

We also do believe in enabling the next-gen to gain the right skills that are high in demand in industry.

To realize that vision, We have partnered with the Microfocus to launch Spectar Learning Initiative focused on helping students, and early adopter technology professionals build the skills to succeed in the industry.

We are focusing on high in demand industry courses, such as Cyber Security, Big Data, AI / ML, Business Analytics and DevOps.

About Micro Focus Software University

Micro Focus Software University is a key initiative from Micro Focus Education Services focused on helping students and early adopter technology professionals, build the skills to succeed in the industry. We partner with Universities/Institutes around the world to bridge the gap between the traditional university curriculum and industry experience to broaden opportunities for the next generation of employable resource.

Our curriculum is designed by industry experts who have years of knowledge and experience. The content includes real-time case scenarios and exercises that aim to address training needs from novice to expert levels.


  • The material and course everything is fine. The Environment of training practical machine is good its time saving like already installed Vm Machines and others softwares.
  • The material and course everything was perfect. The already prepared VM environment and other software already installed not only saved my time but have given a wonderful experience in training. Very happy after attending this wonderful session.
  • It was totally useful course to learn about the tools and I hope I gained some knowledge after this course completion.
  • RK is energy is remarkable we did not feel bored at any time.
  • RK is an exceptional Instructor. He knows how to transfer knowledge to the learners. It was one of the best experience in my learning history with HPE/MF.
  • Great knowledge and good patience to address every query.
  • The instructor kept the class very lively, explaining all the key concepts in the best possible manner.
  • Had a good experience and the Training session was very much interactive. happy with the training and the trainer.
  • Instructor Ranjeet is excellent in explaining concepts and features with relevant examples.
  • Well structured course content
  • The instructor kept the class very lively, explaining all the key concepts in the best possible manner.
  • It was a wonderful training, and very helpful to do my job easier
  • The trainer knowledge skill and way of communicating the content of the course was exceptional, learned a lot from the course it will help a lot and build confidence on product implementation. all the questions were answered very satisfactory.
  • Shantanu I love his voice and the way he explains is very good.
  • Trainer was having full knowledge on products and resolved all my queries.
  • Such programs should happen frequently to enhance our skills
  • At least please help to provide the trial version for HCM, so the student can learn more and hands on in their own lab. it will boost the knowledge and ability to use the HCM product.
  • Such programs should happen frequently to enhance our skills
  • The way Mr.Santhosh interacted with us is super awesome. The way he responded to our questions and clarifications was neat and clear...!
  • Very Good and useful to develop my learning skills
  • The trainer way of explaining and clearing doubts was extremely great and make us easily understandable .Thanks
  • He was super interactive and friendly, helped each and everyone individually irrespective of what doubts we had. He is good!
  • RK was very patient with our queries and doubts and attempted to resolve each of our doubts . He ensured the session was interactive and was at ease explaining same concepts with further elaborative examples irrespective of the number of times the same query was asked . Look Forward to multiple more sessions with RK and do wish he is assigned for all our future trainings on his expertise set,
  • "Very insightful look into the capabilities of the tool and the labs helped to enhance understanding and good practice. Trainer was very helpful and clear in explanation of the course contents and i feel i have a much clearer understanding now than I had before."
  • Good Instructor. Covered all keys areas plus some additions as well as a request from me regards to upgrading. Provided a number of links and advice regarding that.
  • "The course content was useful. The insightful experience sharing by the instructor has made it even more useful."
  • It was really great engaging and learning from the instructor. He has real insights into product and its working.
  • Shantanu was the best trainer I've ever met.
  • Instructor is friendly and made training interesting. It was good session for me as it increases my development skills.
  • Trainer was strongly supportive and perfect trainer for us, he is deeply dive into topics also inforce participant's to complete lab on time with double recheck , really impressive .
  • Trainer was extremely encouraging in solving doubts. He helped to understand the concepts really well with the examples. Kudos!
  • Ranjeet gives handouts training with real time examples.
  • Course content is very much relate to day to day operations.
  • Training Was Excellent !!
  • "He has a good style of teaching. He explained in depth about the content of the training . The Lab Guides are up to the mark enhanced my learning skills. Lab instructor provided the solution to my questions and make me more aware about the NNMi . "
  • As mentioned earlier also Mr. Pasha is an absolute genius and he has a great stronghold regarding the subject of the training. Only because of him we could achieve our targets & get a clear picture about the subject of the training. In near future also we would like to receive training under his excellence.
  • Trainer provided us with adequate course learning and we are very much pleased by his knowledge & excellence . In near future we would like to receive training from Mr. Pasha only. He has been an excellent mentor and he has helped us achieve our objectives.
  • Instructor has been the most knowledgeable and qualified trainer I've had so far throughout the different Micro Focus/HP E courses. But also very attentive, engaging, kind and generous with his time. I hope I receive Ranjeet as a trainer again for future Micro Focus courses, or, receive someone as skilled as Ranjeet. Thanks for a great course!
  • Very useful to my daily task in using the tool.
  • The speaker was prepared. He is knowledgeable of his topics and engaged with us at a level we would understand. He would pause for questions and gave insight when we were confused. He had a steady pace so we were able to follow direction and example. The course was very helpful and gave me insight. Thank you very much.
  • I enjoyed this workshop immensely!
  • "The trainer is very knowledgeable and patient which is great although it was more ""show and tell"" as opposed to following the lab guides. This kind of disadvantaged me compared to other students as they were record managers whereas I was IT support. Despite that, this course is very useful as it will help me in my career and make me very well sought after from other places especially Commonwealth government."
  • Great course
  • Some of the course was a little outside my league/role, however, I very much enjoyed it and I have learnt a lot. It has been extremely helpful. Rob definitely knows his stuff. Highly recommend.
  • I was very pleased with the course and the instructor Rob Steiner. He was very informative and the training was easy to follow. 7 people in the training was a good number. We all enjoyed the course which was very full on but we learnt that there are many more functions that CM9 can do and that it is very user friendly.
  • Great one-day CM refresher course and also nice to get insights into latest (and upcoming) release functionality.
  • Well structured course - good to see further "administrator" functionality though unsure what level of admin-rights I would have in future contract roles.
  • Robert was a brilliant instructor and I hope I get to learn from him again!
  • Robert provided the course content in a way that made it easy for everyone to understand.
  • Rob Steiner presented all relevant information and examples for a course that I understood and can put into practice in my workplace.
  • Trainer: Demostration and explanation of basic functions was excellent but not enough hands. Perhaps adding an extra day.
  • Good manuals
  • Robert Steiner was a great instructor. It would be incredibly helpful to be able to print course materials to use during the training to take notes. The inability to do so...to have reference materials...is a significant drawback/deficiency in the product support for your software. INSTRUCTOR, however, gets the highest marks. His is knowledgeable and thorough!
  • Robert Steiner was a great instructor. It would be incredibly helpful to be able to print course materials to use during the training to take notes. The inability to do so...to have reference materials...is a significant drawback/deficiency in the product support for your software. INSTRUCTOR, however, gets the highest marks. He is knowledgeable and thorough!
  • Considering we were all loging in from different area's of the world, the access and instructor led training were valuable.
  • Robert Steiner is an excellent teacher. Patient, detailed, very helpful.
  • Quality and pace of course was awesome.
  • Robert was an awesome trainer...I hope to work with him again
  • Shantanu went through the training material at a good pace - ensuring we all understood each component as we went along. The training will be extremely useful in our roles. I would strongly recommend this course to others.
  • The course content was applicable and well presented
  • Rob was great.
  • no comments lab is good .
  • The instructor was good and shared lots of knowledge however the time constraint limited us to discuss lots of things that we wanted to.
  • Excellent . No words
  • "It was a great learning section for us on these 4 days, trainer was delivering all the things what we are expecting. I would suggest to include a certification for this course as well so it would be beneficiary for us."
  • Kelvin had made me understand well with even if the basic questions if asked. He had explained things twice or thrice whenever questions asked. I had got some good learning from this course, All thanks to Kelvin!
  • "Ranjeet is a very dedicated, responsible and enthusiastic instructor. Excellent! I greatly appreciated his effort to ensure the participants to understand and follow through the course."
  • Very knowledgeable, Have effective ideas those can be implemented.
  • good trainer
  • "Yes, Kelvin had good knowledge on the topic discussed. He has provided even the basic knowledge so that the trainee can learn in deep. Thanks to Kelvin!"
  • Lab sessions are very well taught and guided
  • Instructor was very good.
  • "The instructor explained things in detail and kept us motivated all throughout. The trainer is really good, thanks!"
  • Trainer is very knowledgeable and provides very good example during lab exercises.
  • Great & friendly learning experience. The trainer Ranjeet Singh is highly skilled professional and technical. Really did enjoy the session and learnt a lot. Thanks
  • The instructor was very helpful and knowledgable - but the accompanying documentation (lab & student guide) were not to the same awesome standard.
  • Instructor was very good. His level of knowledge and familiarity with the product aided our understanding - he was not just reading from the slides.
  • Kevin was awesome - and was able to assist our frustrations
  • The topics are really helpful and needs to be implemented for security purposes.
  • this course is somewhat exceeds my perspective
  • Great Job @Eric Echols. Learned a lot.
  • As a developer, more focus on the tool and the results and OWASP was required.
  • The course is great. Its clear and concise. Learned a lot from this course
  • Mr. Echols has been a great instructor for this training, answers/explains our questions well. Will surely recommend him to be the next instructor of the other HPEs other security trainings to come :)
  • The courseware/content is a big deal of information that are so relevant and I love how they are packed into books. Our professor, Eric, was so straightforward at delivering the lessons and was so accommodating at answering questions.
  • This course gives me a sound exposure to Software Security yet motivating me to explore this section in more depth.

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